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Chip Taylor Communications, LLC
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Derry, NH 03038
Toll Free Orders (U.S.):
800.876.CHIP (2447)
Phone: 603.434.9262  Fax: 603.432.2723
On-line email:
Federal ID #: 02-0381570

A. Ordering Product, Programming and Licensing

1. CTC is the Sole Source of all electornic media offered at
2. Pricing is based on A) the MEDIA FORMAT and B) LICENSING ordered, as indicated below:

1. Broadcast Masters - HD; HDV; DV; Digi-Beta; DVCAM; Beta SP.
2. NTSC, PAL, Secam Available
3. Digital Streaming Files (i.e. H264)
4. DVDs - enhanced with interactive Menus and Chapter Points.
5. VHS
6. S-VHS
7. Audio CDs
8. CD ROMs

1. Educational Licenses
a. Single-Educator Use
b. Single-Building/Dept. Use (1-Building)
c. Multi-Site Use (Multiple-Buildings)
2. Library Licenses
a. Intra-Library Loan - Limited Lending Rights; no Inter-Library Loan.
b. Inter-Library Loan - Includes Full ILL lending rights.
c. Public Performance Rights - Includes PPR License to show to groups.
3. Home/Personal Use License
Note: Pre-Paid orders only with Master Card, Visa, Discover, PayPal, Check or Money Order.
4. Broadcast Licenses
a. Open Broadcast (Commercial/Cable/Public TV License)
b. Educational Broadcast
c. Public Access
d. Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV)
5. Streaming Licenses
6. Duplication Licenses


1. CTC accepts Purchase Orders, Master Card, Visa, Discover, PayPal, Check or Money Order.
Note: PayPal customers may transfer amount due to
2. Shipping & Handling:
a. (U.S.): 1 Item: $6; 2: $8; 3-4: $10; 5-7: $12; 8+: $2 per; 15+: $1.00 per
b. For International Rates: e-mail CTC anytime.
3. Preview for Purchase consideration is available for authorized customers.
4. MARC Records are available. Contact CTC for fees.
5. Discounts & Bonuses are available for quantity orders. Contact CTC for details.


1. Education Audience Levels:
P = Primary
I = Intermediate
J = Junior High or Middle School
S = Senior High
C = College
A = Adult

2. Library Audience Levels:
PI = Children's
JS = Young Adults
CA = Adult

3. Additional Terms:
(cc) = Closed-Captioned
(oc) = Open-Captioned
RR = Re-Release
REV = Revised Edition
DR = DVD Release
2E = Second Edition
CL = Classic
Note: CTC is proud to preserve Classic programs. Digitally Re-mastered/DVD Release year is shown (i.e. 2011DR/CL); if original analog release/copyright date is required, contact CTC.


1. All electronic media is sold to customers with the agreed-to Contratual Terms of CTC's licensing. No license may be transferred to another party without the express written permission of CTC.
2. All text and graphics found on CTC's web site are protected under terms of Copyright. Customers are granted the authority to copy text and/or still images for cataloging purposes. Any other use must be granted in writing by Chip Taylor Communications.

B. Production Information

1. CTC has produced and edited over 500 programs, all of which are available at
2. CTC has co-produced and edited a great number of additional programs, providing services that range from directorial, videography, screenwriting, narration, closed-captioning, and audio re-mastering.
3. CTC welecomes the opportunity to work on new projects. For information or references, email:

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