About the Education Project

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
-Benjamin Franklin

The Education Project takes Benjamin Franklin's words quite literally and prides itself in its mission to collaborate with others who subscribe to the same belief that investing in knowledge, awareness and understanding, be it through personal interaction or communicating a message utilizing the multitude of media available, offers the best opportunity for every member of the human spectrum - no matter of race, gender, religion or age - to achieve and possibly even exceed one's goals.

Education, of course, is not limited to individuals simply attending institutions of learning; gaining knowledge is also achieved through every sort of life experience or association; thus The Education Project encourages you to secure its services to assist in the creation, production, promotion, presentation, transmission or broadcast of any cause you feel is worthy.

Investing in this broadened definition of education we believe benefits everyone, not only the Recipient, but also the Donor; what's more each type of advertiser, investor, sponsor or underwriter can be assured The Education Project is an organization that guarantees you a 100% return of interest in your deserving enterprise.

Advertisers, Investors, Sponsors, Underwriters

"How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
-Anne Frank

The words 13-year-old Anne Frank wrote in her diary, two years before her death during the Holocaust, echo as true today as then and always. Pooling resources with advertisers, investors, sponsors and underwriters, The Education Project works constantly to create, produce, promote, present, distribute, transmit and broadcast quality media to insure one child's vision of improving the world is never forgotten.

The Education Project teams up with its ever-growing list of partners in the far-reaching worlds of print media, broadcast media and the Internet, where today even billions of people can be reached instantly. The opportunities for advertisers, investors, sponsors and underwriters, utilizing the experience and vast outreach of The Education Project, are limitless.

If you have a message you want to communicate, if you want to broadcast your brand; you can be assured The Education Project is a non-profit organization that will rally round your vision.

We welcome the opportunity of hearing from you.

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