This series offers a retrospective of famous events and people throughout modern history.

10 x 30 minutes / 2017

  1. Amelia Earhart; James Bond; Apollo 13; Rolls Royce; The Beatles.
  2. Moon Landing; Churchill; Space Shuttle; Wright Brothers; Disney.
  3. 747; Marilyn Monroe; Queen Mother; The Titanic; Einstein.
  4. Princess Diana; Stratocaster; The Doors; Eva Peron; Hindenburg.
  5. Mother Teresa; Billie Jean King; 9/11; Pope John Paul II; Ghandi.
  6. M. L. King Jr.; Chernobyl; A-Bomb; Tsunami; Queen of England.
  7. Vietnam; Boeing 707; Le Mans; King Tut; The Right Stuff.
  8. Napoleon; Pearl Harbor; Johnny Cash; Marlene Dietrich; Holocaust.
  9. Berlin Wall; Admiral Doenitz; Jimmy Hendrix; '72 Olympics; Sinatra.
  10. Stalin; Steve Irwin; Earthquakes; Bob Hope; Hurricane Katrina.

Produced by Switch International.