Inside Nature of South America

South America offers a vast diversity of nature and wildlife. 40% of the Earth's species of birds are found here and are featured in six programs in the series; another six programs focus on the continent's vast wildlife, while one program takes us under the sea, where two thirds of the world's animal species reside.

13 x 30 minutes / 2013DR / English
8 x 30 minutes / 2013DR / Spanish [ES]

  • Birding in South America With David Ascanio 1
  • Birding in South America With David Ascanio 2
  • Birds of South America 1: Diversity - [ES]
  • Birds of South America 2: Breeding - [ES]
  • Birds of South America 3: The Blue and White Swallow - [ES]
  • Birds of South America 4: Birds in Paradise
  • Capybara: Largest Rodent in the World - [ES]
  • Deep Sea Venezuela - [ES]
  • The Llanos of the Orinoco - [ES]
  • Masaguaral: An Open Zoo
  • Morrocoy National Park - [ES]
  • The Orinoco Crocodile
  • Wild Animals of South America - [ES]

Produced by Ferraro Nature Films.