Plimsolls to Platforms: A Short History of Fashion

This series explores the world of clothing, going beyond the catwalk to look at the art of dressing, the history of clothing, and what different looks can mean.

13 x 30 minutes / 2016

  • Episode 1: Savile Row; NY's Garment District; Audrey Hepburn
  • Episode 2: Diamonds; Versace; Kylie Minogue; George Clooney
  • Episode 3: Naomi Campbell; Simply Madonna
  • Episode 4: Alexander McQueen; David Bowie
  • Episode 5: Gucci; Dian Keaton; Steve McQueen
  • Episode 6: Marc Jacobs; Royalty; Katherine Hepburn
  • Episode 7: Armani; Pole-Dancing Fitness
  • Episode 8: Tiffany & Company; Johnny Depp; Vogue Magazine
  • Episode 9: Calvin Klein; Bridgette Bardot; The Beatles
  • Episode 10: Christian Dior; Grace Kelly; Sean Coombs
  • Episode 11: Christian LaCroix; Denim; Elvis Presley
  • Episode 12: Louis Vuitton; Cary Grant; Miguel Cabellero
  • Episode 13: Ralph Lauren; Diana Ross; Haute Couture

Produced by Switch International.