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ICONS- Big Star Profiles Series

ICONS- Big Star Profiles Series

This series offers a wide vareity of fascinating biographical profiles of 34 of the world's most-recognized Icons. Produced by Switch Intl. Series: 34 programs x 30 minutes each.

List of Titles


David Beckham

David Robert Joseph Beckham, called "Becks," played the final game of his 20-year career in professional football (called soccer in the US and Canada) on May 18, 2013. He retired holding the appearance record for an outfield player and was the first English player to win league titles in four countries. This profile Click for more


Victoria Beckham

Born in Essex, England, Victoria Caroline Adams first caught the attention of the media and public as Posh Spice, a member of one of the most successful female musical groups in the world. "Wannabe," the first Spice Girls' single, went to number one in 31 countries; the band becoming an instant global phenomenon, especially Click for more



This biographical profile looks back at the meteoric rise to fame of Beyonce, the former Destiny's Child star, who admits that life as a solo artist has been pretty good. She credits her family for keeping her grounded; and despite the trappings of fame, is grateful to have a life outside of being a pop star. Born Click for more


Cate Blanchett

After winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in The Aviator, Australian actress Cate Blanchett has continued to juggle her busy acting career by looking after her three sons with her husband, playwright and screenwriter Andrew Upton, as well as the role of co-artistic director of the Sydney theatre company. Click for more


Richard Branson

As this biographical profile reveals, for a billionaire businessman, Richard Branson comes across as more of a rock star. A creative thinker, who originally wanted to become a journalist, Branson began his entrepreneurial career with a student magazine, as well as selling discounted albums from the truck of his car. Click for more


Jackie Chan

An incredible acrobat, Jackie Chan has been wowing audiences since the 1970's with his improvisational martial arts' fighting style and comic timing. He still manages most stunts himself, a fact that has endeared him to fans of action films worldwide. He worked for ten years as an actor and stuntman in his homeland Click for more


Hillary Rodham Clinton

This program presents a biographical profile of Hillary Rodham Clinton prior to her becoming the United States' 67th Secretary of State. As we see, most American First Ladies have been content to stay in the background, but Hillary Rodham Clinton proved to be as ambitious as her husband, former US President Bill Clinton. Click for more


Tom Cruise

Love him or hate him, there's no doubt that everyone has an opinion on Tom Cruise. After his split from Nicole Kidman in 2001, he didn't do himself any favors by quickly hooking up with Vanilla Sky co-star Penelope Cruz, which many say made him look insensitive in the wake of such a public divorce. Adding to that fire, Click for more


Milye Cyrus

This program offers a biographical profile of Miley Cyrus up to the time of her meeting her former boyfriend, the Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. Miley we learn credits the support of her close family and friends for allowing her to pursue a TV, movie and singing career while still in her early teens. Without that Click for more


Johnny Depp

Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp has made a career of playing some strange characters, including Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Raul Duke (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Click for more


Leonardo DiCaprio

Named after the famous painter because his pregnant mother was viewing the works of da Vinci when she first felt baby son kick, the talented actor Leonard DiCaprio got his break in Hollywood at the age of sixteen. Playing the mentally-challenged brother of Johnny Depp in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, he was nominated Click for more


Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was thrown into the spotlight at the age of 16, when working as a fashion model she graced the covers of seventeen magazines in two years. At 22 she auditioned and won a role in The Mask with Jim Carrey; then, proving she was no one-hit wonder, appeared in ten movies over the next four years, including Click for more


Harrison Ford

One of the world's favorite actors in action movies, Harrison Ford has been entertaining audiences for decades with his charm and unique blend of strength and sensitivity. His remarkable range has allowed him to play tough action heroes like Indiana Jones and Han Solo with a measure of humor and insecurity thrown in; Click for more


Bill Gates

Since 1995, Bill Gates has been either the wealthiest or one of the wealthiest people in the world; not bad for someone who's last full-time work day at Microsoft was in 2008. He remains as Chairman of Microsoft and created the position of chief software architect for himself with the company so he could also pursue Click for more


Tom Hanks

All-American good guy Tom Hanks has made a career of playing endearingly ordinary guys put in extraordinary situations, who somehow manage to succeed despite the odds. He has earned many awards, not the least his two Oscars for best actor for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. He has also starred in some Click for more


Paris Hilton

Famous for being famous, and often accused of being a ditzy blonde with very little personality, Paris Hilton says she enjoys making her own money and not having to ask her parents for what she wants. Indeed, she's built up an impressive CV which includes modeling, singing, acting, song-writing, the writing of her Click for more


Angelina Jolie

It's hard to believe that Angelina Jolie was denied a modeling career at the age of 14 and now is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, but that too reflects the type of non-quit attitude she embodies. After Angelina Jolie's parents divorced, her mother not only introduced her to acting, she also instilled Click for more


Nicole Kidman

The acting career of Australian actress Nicole Kidman (Days of Thunder, Dead Calm) took off in the movie To Die For, when she portrayed a murderously ambitious newsreader, a role for which she won a BAFTA, and a Golden Globe. She earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame not long after her divorce with Click for more


Keira Knightley

First seen as the tomboyish Jules in Bend it Like Beckham, Keira Knightley has risen through the ranks to become one of the highest paid British actresses in Hollywood, according to Forbes Magazine. Her fine-boned, thin frame has allowed her to take time in evolving from playing girls on the brink of womanhood Click for more


Heath Ledger

From the time he was a teenager starring in now defunct TV shows Sweat and Roar, co-stars and directors were singing the praises of Australian actor Heath Ledger, citing his maturity and undeniable charisma as reasons why he was destined for something bigger, and they were right. After a stint on Home Click for more


George Lucas

After more than forty years of working in the film industry, George Lucas still gets just as much of a kick out of his movies as his fans do. A car accident forced him to change course in his career, taking liberal arts over pursuing a racing career, and almost fifty years later he is worth an estimated 3 billion dollars. Click for more


Manchester United

Outside of the United States and Canada, soccer is called football and one of the most popular, and successful, football clubs in the world is the English Premier League powerhouse, Manchester United. Man U has come a long, long way since its humble beginnings as a works' team for the Lancashire and Yorkshire depot Click for more


Kylie Minogue

When I Should Be So Lucky hit Number One on the British singles charts, Australian singer Kylie Minogue was known mainly for her role as Charlene Mitchell on the hit soap opera, Neighbours. Her debut single Locomotion was a smash hit in Australia, but her follow-up single made her an international Click for more


Barack Obama

Barack Obama will always have the distinction of being the first African American to be elected President of the United States, securing his place as one of the most recognized political Icons in the world. How he accomplished this is an incredible story. From his earliest days working as a advocate for poor people Click for more



Pele's amazing prowess on the soccer field earned him the nickname "The King" and endeared him to millions in his home country of Brazil. These days he is recognized around the world as one of the greats of the game. Growing up poor in Sao Paulo, he was discovered by the manager of Santos, who had very high hopes for Click for more


Brad Pitt

Growing up in Missouri must have seemed a lifetime away from the bright lights and madness of Hollywood for Brad Pitt, but the star of movies, such as Seven, Kalifornia, Ocean's Eleven and its sequels, and Inglorious Basterds admits that the thought of settling down in a normal, nine-to-five job like Click for more


Keanu Reeves

An actor whose Hawaiian name means "cool breeze over the mountain," Keanu Reeves is part English, Hawaiian and Chinese, but he was born in Lebanon. Inscrutable, handsome and very private, he has let his films do the talking for him, choosing a mix of blockbusters, such as Speed and the Matrix trilogy Click for more


Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer pin-up star Cristiano Ronaldo spent his formative years at the most famous club in the English Premier League - Manchester United, before transferring to Real Madrid for a record fee of 94 million Euros in late 2009. But even if his sports-playing career didn't reach the super heights, he's still assured a living Click for more


J. K. Rowling

The adventures of that certain boy wizard, Harry Potter, were enough to propel J.K Rowling into millionaire status, but by 2007 the story that began it all came to an end. Rowling said goodbye to the series with the launch of the seventh book in the series, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." The idea for the series Click for more


Claudia Schiffer

The late fashion photographer Herb Ritts once claimed that it was impossible to take a bad photograph of German supermodel Claudia Schiffer. She was one of the six highest paid models of the eighties and nineties dubbed "supermodels," which included Elle McPherson, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington Click for more


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Born in Thal, Austria, in 1947, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been quoted as saying "I knew I was a winner; I knew I was destined for great things. He began his career by winning the Mr. Olympia title a record-breaking six times and throughout his career in movies and politics his dedication to bodybuilding has been as Click for more


Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand began singling as a teenager to support her family, but it was thanks to the runaway success of her first film, Funny Girl, that she was able to imagine the duel life of an actress and performer. Over the years she has recorded over 30 studio albums, performed in musicals and dramatic movies, Click for more


John Travolta

John Travolta got the world disco dancing - and helped sell white suits everywhere - as the hip-thrusting Tony Minero in Saturday Night Fever in the seventies; then he broke hearts as Danny Zuko in the musical made for the screen, Grease, in the early 80's. Then came a string of flops in the 90's, and Click for more


Bruce Willis

Having spent most of his career playing action men such as Die Hard's John McLean, Bruce Willis seemed both humbled and bemused to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2006, telling the crowd that he used to wonder what people did "to get one of these"; not really believing he was now one of the fortunate Click for more

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