"Award of Distinction" -IndieFEST

"Award of Excellence" -Impact DOCS

"Special Jury Award" -NAFA Awards

This multi-award winning bio-doc tells the fascinating and inspiring story of Thuten Kesang, New Zealand's first Tibetan refugee. Sent by his father to school in India as a child, he was raised by Scottish Presbyterians and unable to return to Tibet after his parents were arrested in the wake of the 1959 uprising. A fully committed Kiwi since 1967, Thuten never lost his defining Tibetan identity and as a charismatic storyteller he provides a thorough and inspiring account of Tibetan culture in exile. The Dalai Lama hailed Thuten Kesang as "a vital point of contact for the international exile community and a tireless advocate for multicultural visibility in New Zealand."

1 x 78 minutes / HD

Produced by Robin Greenberg.

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