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Subject: So. Studies/Sciences: Geography/Cultures

Changing Worlds Series

"Highly Recommended. An eye-opening series that travels to Third World countries around the world showing important advances developing nations are making." -National Media Review
Hosted by Louis Del Grande, this series takes us to developing countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia to show that Click for more

Food From the Sea

Food From the Sea

Host Louis Del Grande takes us to three Third World locations where advances are being made in the processes involved in getting food from the sea. Off the coast of Guyana, a state on the northern coast of South America, huge feeding grounds for marine animals also attract large numbers of commercial trawlers, which scour the ocean for shrimp to sell to the international market. This brings in lots of money but also results in lots of waste; nearly 70% of catch is unwanted fish that's dumped overboard. Here we see a project that's been established to deal with the bycatch, developing processing and marketing techniques for unused fish; the plant also creates new jobs for locals. Next, in Sierra Leone in Western Africa, we learn how oysters cling to roots of vegetation in swamps at low tide; however, this is harmful to the mollusks as they are out of water, which makes them grow slower. Here we observe an artificial habitat built to keep the oysters exposed to water longer thus producing larger oysters. Then, we look at oyster-farming techniques in Malaysia where tidal waters are rich with microscopic food for oysters. The experiment we discover has potential though it still has to deal with the issues of other animals, crabs and loggers interfering with the harvest. 95/08DE IJSCA 30 min.

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