Chip Taylor Communications

Subject: Foreign Language: Spanish

Marine Biology Series (Spanish)

This is an exciting series of live action programs filmed on-location with exceptional underwater footage that offers viewers the opportunity to witness marine life in its natural environment, providing a fuller understanding of life under the seas, while too emphasizing environmental responsibility. Produced by Divine Click for more

The Sea Within: Deep Color

Sea Within, The: Deep Color

Though we divide the world's oceans by name, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern, they are actually one interconnected body of salt water, which is also referred to as the World Ocean or global ocean. There are also many seas, which are smaller branches of an ocean that are often partly enclosed by land; the largest of these are the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and the South China Seas. These oceans and seas cover approximately 72% of the Earth's surface and are home to some of the most diverse life on the planet. Like space, the oceans are a vast place to explore, filled with exciting new discoveries. Filmed by expert underwater filmmaker Greg Whiteley, and narrated by Sarah Cecil, this enlightening documentary takes viewers on an enthralling journey deep into the ocean's depths to discover the incredible world of life teeming beneath the water's surface. In popular diving locations, such as Parrot's Landing in Grand Cayman, we view tarpon, grouper and moray eels; at Aquatic Adventures in Kauai, Hawaii, we see sea turtles; at Big Island Divers in Kona, Hawaii, we see Manta Rays, along with the various sea plants that are such an important part of this environment. We discover that all our world's creatures have a special connection with the sea; however, as we explore this underwater world, we also learn that pollution degradation and the destruction of oxygen-renewing plankton are endangering species and damaging the fragile ecology of the world's coral reefs. The lesson is clear, not only on land and in the air must we keep our planet clean, but also under the seas we must take steps to protect our waters and marine life. Produced by Divine Spirit Productions. 03/08DE IJSCA 30 min. Also available in English.

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