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Magic Words Series

"Highly Recommended. Viewers of all ages, and especially younger audiences, will delight in the collaborative storytelling technique of Julie Portman and Paul Reisler, whose performance magically draws you in to each story told." -National Media Review
This classic series of ageless folktales from different Click for more

Magic Words Stories 3, 4, 5

Magic Words Stories 3, 4, 5: Stonecutter; Camel; Pebble

A combined version of 3. The Stonecutter; 4. How the Camel Got His Hump and 5. The Pebble and the Beetle, starring Julie Portman and Paul Reisler, is available.
3: The Stonecutter (A Japanese Folktale)
Julie Portman> and Paul Reisler bring to life a folktale from the country of Japan. Here we learn of Tasaku, who was a lowly stonecutter, but he was very happy in his work. Happy that is until a royal prince passed by one day in a magnificent procession. Then Tasaku wished aloud that he too might have wealth, and the spirit who lives in the mountain heard him and granted his wish. But then Tasaku wanted more.
4: How the Camel Got His Hump (Modernized)
Julie Portman and Paul Reisler done their "shades" to bring us a modernized version - beat style - of one of Rudyard Kipling's most popular "Just So" stories. For you "cats" who dig Kipling, you will recall that once upon a time, when the world was so new and all, there was a lazy, lazy, camel who, when asked to work, would only say, "humph." Well, you're going to find out that the djin - along with everyone else - didn't think that was cool.
5: The Pebble and the Beetle (An American Folktale)
Paul Reisler provides the music and Julie Portman the magic as we watch her change back to the little girl she once was right before our eyes; then she tells us this metaphorical story. We see how wonderful it can be to play with pebbles - some children even put them in their mouths - but, as all children eventually discover, after mistakingly biting into a beetle, life can also be bittersweet. 04/08DE PIJSCA 30 min.

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