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Subject: Foreign Language: Spanish

Sports Instruction Series (Spanish)

"Recommended. Produced to encourage participation at all levels." -Ed. Media Review
A thorough how-to series for educators, physical education instructors, coaches, parents, budding athletes and future superstars. Produced by Imagen y Deporte & Chip Taylor. Programs available on 23 individual DVDs, Digital Click for more

An Introduction to Volleyball 1 (Voleibol I)

Volleyball 1, An Introduction to (Voleibol I)

Volleyball is an exciting and challenging sport that has developed into a premier interscholastic and professional spectator event. Understanding the rules, technical skills, and strategies of competitive volleyball is essential for its full appreciation. In theory, the objective of volleyball is to "ground" the ball on the opponents' side of the net. Accomplishing this objective in a consistent manner requires the highest levels of speed, agility, power, concentration and teamwork. This program introduces viewers to the fundamentals of traditional six-player volleyball. It begins with an explanation of the dimensions of the court, the essential rules of play, the basic strokes of the game, and the roles of the passers, receivers, setters, and spikers. Viewers learn the mechanics of the different types of service strokes, including the low security serve, the lateral serve, the tennis serve, the hook serve, and the jump serve, as well as the proper techniques for blocking and receiving the serve. European players demonstrate the precision hand and body movements required for ball handling and passing (including the basic pass, the hanging pass, and the back-set), plus several exercise routines that help players refine their individual skills. Finally, viewers see the importance of proper player positioning as they learn basic and advanced team formations and dynamic rotation schemes designed to integrate individual skills into a unified, successful team effort. 01/12DE IJSCA 30 min.

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