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Subject: Foreign Language: Spanish

Sports Instruction Series (Spanish)

"Recommended. Produced to encourage participation at all levels." -Ed. Media Review
A thorough how-to series for educators, physical education instructors, coaches, parents, budding athletes and future superstars. Produced by Imagen y Deporte & Chip Taylor. Programs available on 23 individual DVDs, Digital Click for more

Alternative Sports 2 (Deportes Alternativos II)

Alternative Sports 2 (Deportes Alternativos II)

Recreation and physical education specialists in the US and Europe are greatly enhancing the physical conditioning process through creative use of materials and equipment originally designed for other sports or games. This program focuses on using Frisbees, rackets, paddles, and rings to complement existing physical training and exercise programs with a variety of new, safe, inexpensive, and highly adaptable activities, games, and competitive sports. Viewers are first introduced to the Frisbee, a flat, plastic or foam rubber disc that comes in different weights and sizes, including Basic, Competition, Mini, or Giant (Hawaiian) Frisbees. Viewers are shown the three most common Frisbee grips, plus several throwing and receiving techniques, such as the cowboy hip-throw, the boomerang pass, and the finger tip catch. Viewers then learn basic techniques for using paddles and rackets of varying shapes, sizes, and materials to enhance their physical training programs. They learn basic racket and paddle construction, as well as forehand, backhand, above shoulder, below hip, and service strokes. Finally, viewers learn how Ringo can be used to develop precision throwing and expert timing skills while adding a uniquely amusing dimension to individual or group exercise regimens in the form of Hand Ringo, Barringo, and Rugby Ringo. Each of these alternative games helps to develop general conditioning, muscular flexibility, and agility in its participants. 01/12DE IJSCA 30 min.

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