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Subject: Foreign Language: Spanish

Sports Instruction Series (Spanish)

"Recommended. Produced to encourage participation at all levels." -Ed. Media Review
A thorough how-to series for educators, physical education instructors, coaches, parents, budding athletes and future superstars. Produced by Imagen y Deporte & Chip Taylor. Programs available on 23 individual DVDs, Digital Click for more

An Introduction to Badminton 2

Badminton 2, An Introduction to (Spanish)

When played at competitive levels, the sport of badminton is a display of athletic prowess and technical skill. Players who consistently combine quick, fluid court movements with carefully selected and expertly executed shots prevail in this exciting and demanding sport. In this program, intended for intermediate and advanced players, the full range of badminton strokes and movements is systematically explained and expertly demonstrated. Viewers learn the importance of proper elbow positioning, hip rotation, weight distribution, arm extension, and follow-through in executing overhand, lateral (side hand), and underhand shots. They see how changing the impact point to alter the shuttlecock's trajectory is an essential ingredient for effective execution of the service stroke, the clear, the smash, and the drop shot. Viewers are shown how to optimally select shots during a match, from both offensive and defensive perspectives, depending upon location in the court, position of the opponent, and game tactics. They learn the subtleties of body posture during a shot and the value of smooth, practiced movement before and after a shot. Finally, viewers are introduced to the concepts of "combinations and resets," coordinated strokes and movements which synthesize technical hitting skills, athletic timing and anticipation, and court agility into compelling, successful gamesmanship. 01/12DE IJSCA 30 min.

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