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Subject: Health: Medicine

Advances in Science & Technology Series: Health & Medicine

11 of 41 state-of-the-art programs from the Advances in Science and Technology Series that focus on Health and Medicine advances. Each program offers 4 - 6 clearly illustrated individual segments. Produced by London Television Service. Series: 41 x 30-minute programs.
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Using Animals and Insects in Medicine

Using Animals and Insects in Medicine

"Transgenic Chickens" - an essential chemical for hemophiliacs has been discovered to reside in a chicken's egg and is now readily and inexpensively available; "Leeches" - Leeches provide a dependable anti-coagulant to help prevent blood clots and consequent heart attacks; "Tissue Culture" - artificial skin, necessary for some forms of plastic surgery, is grown on membrane of a hen's egg; "Medicinal Maggots" - maggots can now be used as "instruments" to delicately clean wounds; "Dog Caregiver" - dogs can provide excellent care for anyone who is incapacitated, such as stroke victims; "Venomous Viper" - new knowledge about snake habits and their venom could help save many lives. 02/08DE IJSCA 30 min.
Associated Article: Annals of Medicine: Bloodsuckers -The New Yorker Magazine

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