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Subject: Arts: Instruction & How-to

Hands On Crafts for Kids Series 1: Crafts for Kids

Celebrate the creativity of children through crafts. Each program opens in exciting locations like Disney World, has its own theme with at least five craft projects, and includes kids using their crafts to help others. A portion of proceeds is donated to non-profit projects. Produced by Katherine Stull, Inc. Programs Click for more

8. Patterns: Over and Over and Over Again

08. Patterns: Over and Over and Over Again

Patterns are all around us, from color and designs that are repeated in a specific way, to the chorus in a song, or even a pattern of light in a laser show. Patterns also exist in numbers and letters, where a particular sequence is followed. Projects include: Block Puzzles - Start with six blocks and six pictures, or six photos or six colors; you’ll end up with your own set of puzzle blocks to put together; Chenille Weaving - Using plastic canvas and chenille stems you will create a checkerboard pattern without even using a needle; Paint Roller Patterns - Decorate your own tote, towel and shirt. Learn how to create a design with wood and foam and then create a roller to make a continuous pattern; Paper Plate Patterns - Paper and glue are all you need to create patterned decorator plates; Rainbow Box - Create a repeating pattern with color, then measure and create a grid to provide a sequence to your pattern; Hands On Project - Learn about the Pennsylvania Vent Camp for kids that are ventilator dependant. Crafting is a big part of the camp's program. 01/07DE PI 30 min.

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