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Subject: Science: Agriculture

Advances in Science & Technology Series: Agriculture

5 of 41 state-of-the-art programs from the Advances in Science and Technology Series that focus on Agricultural and Animal advances. Each program offers 4 - 6 clearly illustrated individual segments. Produced by London Television Service. Series: 41 x 30-minute programs.
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Animal Science Advances

Animal Science Advances

"Highly Recommended. This documentary is clear and understandable, allowing a full description of these technological devices in the time allotted for presentation. The language employed is generalist, making this program useful for the general public; also it would be an appropriate addition to a non-book agriculture collection." -EMRO Review
"Sexing Calves" - a breakthrough in determining the gender of livestock; "Foodball" - animals get much need exercise getting their meals from a foodball; "Strangles" - looks at efforts being made to battle Strangles, a common disease of donkeys and horses; "Dairy Beds" - examines the many benefits of a waterbed for cows, including an improved milk yield; "Horse Slippers" - horse shoes made of high-tech engineering plastic are shock absorbent; "Cowslips" - a shoe for a cow's hoof that can often prevent lameness, the most common reason for culling dairy cattle; "Sheep Rustling" - hidden microchips on sheep allow police to track rustlers using global positioning systems (GPS). 02/08DE IJSCA 30 min.

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