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Subject: Arts: Instruction & How-to

Hands On Crafts for Kids Series 4: Around the Earth (cc)

Kids continue to develop their arts and crafts skills as they discover the many habitats of the earth. As with the previous three Hands On Series, each program has its own theme with at least five craft projects; each visits fun locations, like Disney World, Florida, and each profiles kids that use their crafts Click for more

4. In the Garden (cc)

04. In the Garden (cc)

"Highly Recommended. The project demonstrations are detailed and easy to follow. Children will find the crafts interesting and fun to make. Teachers looking for a way to integrate art activities with the science curriculum will find this program useful." -School Library Journal
The garden is one habitat that occurs in every part of the world with different plants found in different climates. This program, filmed on location at the Cleveland Metro Park Zoo, centers on the plants and insects of a typical backyard garden in North America. Projects include: Seed Greeting Card - Here we make a greeting card that will actually blossom into a bouquet of flowers. Flower Whirligig - The wind has a very important role in the pollination of flowers and transporting seeds; so here we make a fancy wooden windmill to decorate a backyard garden. Bumble Bee Mobile - Did you know that bees can fly 22 miles-an-hour, and their wings beat 180 beats per second? Bees carry pollen on their back legs from flower to flower so a plant can produce seeds for the next crop. To celebrate bees we take a buzz through a garden with a honeybee mobile. Clothespin Bugs - Wire, beads and clothespins are all you need to create 3 examples of insects: the dragonfly, grasshopper and butterfly. Painted Water Can - You can't have a garden without water; so here we create a fun design using special paint on a metal watering can. Hands-On Project 404 - Kids helping other kids through their crafts. 04/08DE/CC Closed-Captioned PI 30 min.

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