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Subject: Health: Medicine

The Edge Series: Health & Medicine

5 of 6 programs from The Edge Series; these programs focus on cutting-edge achievements in the world of health and medicine. Here we see science and technology working together to answer questions about human nature and the universe. Produced by ECO Services Film Unit. Programs available on 5 individual DVDs, Click for more

The Dirt Vaccine (Bacteria and Health)

Dirt Vaccine, The (Bacteria and Health)

"Recommended. This program describes more than 20 years of work undertaken by Dr. John Stanford and his wife, Cynthia. Viewers will come away understanding that not all microorganisms are bad and that some are even essential to our well-being. To date, I have found no current programs that address the concept of harmful as well as helpful microorganisms as well as this documentary." -EMRO Review
Modern culture tends to equate all germs with devastating disease The truth is the vast majority of microorganisms are harmless to us, and some are absolutely essential for our well-being. Our obsession with destroying bugs may have gone too far. Professor John Stanford and immunologist Graham Rook are among a growing number of scientists who believe that too little contact with bacteria may be bad for our health, and it may actually cause disease. For example, asthma is common in industrial countries, but still rare in the developing world. Professor Stanford believes that an answer lies in the African soil; and not only for asthma, but also for a host of other diseases as well. He has found a microorganism that seems to unlock the incredible powers of the body's ability to fight illness. And if he's right, it's a bacterium that will change medicine. 05/07DE JSCA 30 min.

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