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Hands On Crafts for Kids Series 6: Back in Time (cc)

This series takes us back in time, introducing traditional crafts that have been passed on through generations. Kids explore their creativity through crafts and also learn about all types of history and various cultures. Learning takes place through curriculum-based projects that teach an appreciation of various peoples Click for more

11. Colonial America 2: 1500 - 1776 (cc)

11. Colonial America 2: 1500 - 1776 (cc)

Five projects that date back prior to America's Revolutionary War. Projects include: Silver Tray - Almost every colonial town had a silversmith who made candlesticks, platters and bowls. Intricate designs were cut into the metal by engraving. Log Cabin Quilt - Not a scrap of fabric was thrown away and patchwork was a common design in Colonial America. Log cabin is a particular pattern which looked like stacked logs. Rug - Apples are a traditional colonial design. Only wealthy people had rugs, others made painted rugs of canvas from ship's sails. Welcome Bandbox - Bandboxes were used to store the stiff collars worn by the colonists. This box also uses decoupage, which started with scraps of paper, which were never thrown out. Wired Candle Holder - In colonial times, candleholders were forged in metal. A special kind was one with spirals, called a courting candle, as the candle burned down to the spirals it reminded the suitor it was time to leave. 05/08DE/CC Closed-Captioned PI 30 min.
Also see: Colonial America 1: Back in Time

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