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Subject: History

Human Contraptions Series

Best Animation Award -ATOM Awards
Academy Award winning animator Bruce Petty (Leisure) takes a satirical look at the "contraptions" that shape our lives. Beginning with a simple concept, he takes us on an anarchic journey through history as each evolving Click for more

Human Contraptions 1: Education, Art, Media

Human Contraptions 1: Education, Art, Media

Education - Historical records show that an early form of this contraption was a basic, yet compulsory, device that parents used on children. Whether private or public, it seems that wonder and imagination have been lost somewhere in the system. Now the whole apparatus has been loaded on, to an all-subjects, multiple-choice mainframe, which might be able to spout information, but leaves out how to fit it all together. Art - The first time a human did something not work related, minds opened and imaginations soared. Attracted by the lack of effort art required, soon everybody was trying to do it; so a serious philosophy team was installed to decide what the art contraption was really supposed to do. Finally, business stepped in and now anything, properly marketed, can be art for fifteen minutes. Media - Since its earliest days, the media machine has run two programs: what people want to hear and what is really happening - or news, as it became known. With television, the fantasy became so spectacular it made the truth look badly acted. Free speech was left to idealists, academics and low-budget documentaries. Then the machine went global and gave everybody what they'd always wanted: 200 continuous talk-down, talk-up, talkback channels. This segment asks whether humans have the media under remote control or the other way around. 05/08DE SCA 17 min.

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