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Subject: History

Human Contraptions Series

Best Animation Award -ATOM Awards
Academy Award winning animator Bruce Petty (Leisure) takes a satirical look at the "contraptions" that shape our lives. Beginning with a simple concept, he takes us on an anarchic journey through history as each evolving Click for more

Human Contraptions 3: Medicine, The Brain, Sex

Human Contraptions 3: Medicine, The Brain, Sex

Medicine - Humans are basically self-repairing, low-maintenance, all-weather units, but occasionally things go wrong. So, for thousands of years, doctors administered bedside guesswork, usually with death as a side effect, until microscopes got big enough to find DNA. Now the medicine machine focuses on getting life perfect at the start and keeping it going longer at the end. The side effect is a shortage of money to fix anyone in between. In this segment Bruce Petty applies his wry humor to the mix of bioscience, insurance policies and law that medicine has become. The Brain - From a single cell to self-awareness, consciousness to conscience, the human brain has come a long way. This segment explores its inner mechanics, from the Big Bang to genes, hormones and Freud. In Bruce Petty's brain machine the left side works things out while the right side wonders why it should bother and, hopefully, there's enough imagination somewhere inside to save us from ourselves. Sex - Moving on from a basic one-celled duplication device, the most successful reproductive machine has proved to be the two-human, semi-automatic, chromosome exchanger. It's simple and neither operator requires previous experience, but steering the flying, passion-driven, bonding module is far more difficult. From foreplay to feminism, romance to religion, this segment considers various attempts to get the sex contraption running hot. 05/08DE SCA 17 min.

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