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Subject: Religion & Spiritualism

Understanding the Apocalypse Series

Religious traditions throughout the world have texts or traditions announcing the end of time as we know it, and in this series Werner Weick and Adrea Andriotto have undertaken the colossal task to tell the story, from the perspective of the East and the West, of the Apocalypse. Here we learn, by inquiring on our past Click for more

5. The Eye of the Heart

5. The Eye of the Heart

Apocalyptic teachings can be seen not only as the prediction of historical events, but also as the map of an inner journey in search of reality. Fear of the end of time reawakens an ancestral fear of death, whether individual or collective. Philosopher Joseph Needleman explains that in Eastern thought, time is governed by Karma, the law of cause and effect; while in the West, time is seen as a straight line, a succession of irreversible events. For Christians, at the end will be the Apocalypse proceeded by the "heavenly" Jerusalem. We see many similarities in East and West beliefs, such as the Arunachala, the "sacred mountain," which comes from Indian mythology and symbolizes man's ascent towards God or toward what is unchanging; also that within the heart shines the truth, and the truth is timeless. We learn of Ramana Maharishi, who taught mainly by silence, speaking only to answer people's questions. Lastly, we meet Don Asnaghi, an expert on Russian culture, who speaks of the purple angel called Sophia. 07/10DE SCA 60 min.
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