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Subject: History

Timeblazers: History and More Series

"Highly Recommended. Each episode provides an interesting, engaging history lesson packaged in a kid-friendly format. Viewers can discuss what we can learn from history. What lessons have historical events taught us? How have things we take for granted today evolved over the centuries? Viewers can have fun looking Click for more

23. Who is Marco Polo?

23. Who is Marco Polo?

Timeblazers Jen (Heidi Leigh) and Sam (Mike Ackerman) drop in on Alex (Stephen Joffe) to take him back in time to learn about Marco Polo, the most famous trader of all time. At 17, in 1271, Marco, his father and uncle left Italy to travel along the Silk Road, which is what people called the route to China, to trade Turkish blankets for silk, which was more valuable than gold. The 5000-mile journey, which could take years, took the Venetian traders across all of Persia, into the Kushan Empire, to the mountains of western China, where they faced all kinds of dangers and illnesses. Marco's father had befriended the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan on a previous visit, which helped them avoid trouble with bandits, who often stole many traders' goods; also Marco learned four languages during his early travels, which impressed the emperor, who too befriended Marco, guaranteeing him safe travels through all of China, which he called Cathay. His book, The Travels of Marco Polo, opened the eyes of Europeans to a much larger world. 05/10DE IJ 30 min.

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