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Subject: History

Timeblazers: History and More Series

"Highly Recommended. Each episode provides an interesting, engaging history lesson packaged in a kid-friendly format. Viewers can discuss what we can learn from history. What lessons have historical events taught us? How have things we take for granted today evolved over the centuries? Viewers can have fun looking Click for more

35. Who Discovered North America?

35. Who Discovered North America?

The Timeblazers, Jen (Heidi Leigh) and Sam (Mike Ackerman), take Alex (Stephen Joffe) back in time to help solve the question, who did discover North America. Heading back to the early 15th century, we see that the Silk Road to China was a long and treacherous journey for many traders, as were voyages around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. We learn that Christopher Columbus was a vitally important explorer who did discover the Bahamas in 1492, but, technically, the first Age of Discovery European to set foot on the North American continent was Giovanni Caboto, or John Cabot, who explored under the flag of King Henry VII of England. Next we see that the actual first European to discover North America was the Viking Leif Erikson in 1001. Lastly, we learn that the Native peoples who lived in North America for thousands of years before the arrival of the Europeans originally migrated across a body of land known as Beringia, which was created when sea levels fell during the Ice Age at the Bering Strait, the waterway between Russia and Alaska. 05/10DE IJ 30 min.

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