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Subject: History

The Great Ships Series

"Recommended. Wonderful histories are more compelling due to their authenticity." -Ed. Media Review
An exceptional series of programs that focus on great ships of the world and the history they bear. Programs available on 8 or 9 individual DVDs, Digital Streaming Files or Videos; also in an 8-Disc Set. Click for more

A History of Great Ships 1: 1900 - World War II

History of Great Ships  1, A: 1900 - World War II

After recognizing the United Kingdom's Royal Navy, the oldest of the British armed services, this history of great ships, narrated by Tom Baker, begins in 1906 with warships, such as the battleship HMS Dreadnaught, which was the first all big-gun battleship that revolutionized a generation of ship design; then the battlecruiser HMS Lion, whose lineage dates back to the early 16th century. Next, when Germany and Great Britain raced passenger liners, we're introduced to the RMS Lusitania, which was tragically sunk by a German U-boat during WW I, it's sister ship, the RMS Mauretania, and the RMS Titanic, which sunk in 1912 after colliding with an iceberg. Equally impressive liners were Germany's SS Imperator, the SS Vaterland (later the SS Leviathan), the SS Bremen and the SS Europa. The start of WW I brought an array of ships, including submarines and aircraft carriers, such as the USS Langley, the U.S. Navy's first aircraft carrier. After the war great luxury liners included France's SS Normandie and England's Queen Mary 1, which sailed for 31 years and today is permanently berthed in Long Beach, California, serving as a museum ship and hotel. Next, we learn of great ships that served during WW II, including England's the SS Athenia, the first British ship sunk by Germany, the HMS Warspite, which was nicknamed "The Old Lady," the HMS Exeter, the HMS Hood, and Germany's Bismark, which was sunk three days after Winston Churchill's famous order, "sink the 'Biskmark.'" Produced by Green Umbrella Productions, Inc. 07/10DE JSCA 60 min.
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