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MindBody TuneUp: A Complete Memory Course by Jan Dacri

"MindBody TuneUp" is a complete memory course created by the dynamic motivational speaker Jan Dacri, M.A., who teaches viewers how to "Repair Your Memory and Exercise Your Mind." Her Memory Improvement Workshops have been utilized by corporations such as 3M, Owens Corning, Nestle, Hilton, Boise Office Solutions, Click for more

MindBody Tune Up Memory Course, Parts 1 - 3

MindBody Tune Up Memory Course, Parts 1 - 3

A combined version of 1. Memory System and Techniques 1; 2. Memory System and Techniques 2 and 3. Advanced Visual Key System and the 7 Essential Habits, featuring Jan Dacri, M.A., is available.
1. Memory System and Techniques 1
"Chapter 1: Introduction" - Here we meet Jan Dacri, M.A., a Master of Memory and a teacher of techniques. "Chapter 2: Magazine Memory Demonstration" - Jan illustrates how to recall names, facts, numbers, jokes, lists, stories or whatever you wish to remember. "Chapter 3: Repair Your Memory & Exercise Your Mind" - Jan teaches a technique that will "train your brain to retain"; here she shows how "Linking Thoughts," also known as "Object-to-Object Association," works as an exercise to strengthen your memory, improve your power of attention, enhance your ability to visualize and your capacity to recall. "Chapter 4: Memorize the Names of the Planets" - Jan shows you how to learn how to use and apply the "Linking Thought Technique" for remembering any and all types of abstract words and/or recalling academic facts and information. Chapter 5: The Power of Self-Talk - Jan shows how "Self-Talk" can positively influence your memory. "Chapter 6: Overcoming Absentmindedness" - Jan shares a few invaluable techniques to insure that you'll remember whatever you really need to know.
2. Memory System and Techniques 2
"Chapter 7: The Visual Key Word Technique" - Have fun as you learn a technique that makes it possible to remember lists of facts, To-Do's, and all types of information with ease. "Chapter 8: Applying the Visual Key Word System" - Practical applications, such as remembering grocery lists, to do's, and errands, can become an opportunity to exercise your mind and strengthen your brain on a daily basis. "Chapter 9: Remembering Names" - The most sought-after memory skill in business and personal life, and one that eludes almost everyone. If you'll begin by believing it's possible, then learn the "Six Steps to Success," you'll know how and discover that it's easy; practicing can be fun and extremely rewarding.
3. Advanced Visual Key System and the 7 Essential Habits
"Chapter 10: The Advanced Visual Key Word System" - Step-by-step, you'll learn this classic memory system taught by memory trainers since ancient Greek times. Once you know "The Number Alphabet," you can learn "100 Visual Key Words." "Chapter 11: The Seven Essential Habits of Mindbody Health" - Discover the secrets to insure that the vehicle carrying you down the road of life will stay in tip-top condition to navigate the inevitably bumpy road ahead. 2010 SCA 160 min.

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