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Subject: Guidance

Nilus the Sandman Series: Learning Values and Life Skills

Trying to teach core values and life skills during adolescence is quite a challenge. With that in mind helping guide 'tweens and teens in the real world becomes a bit easier when they enter the magical and musical dream kingdom of Nilus the Sandman; here possibilities are endless and the laws of nature cease to apply. Click for more

5. King of the Universe (Dinosaurs and Independence)

05. King of the Universe (Dinosaurs and Independence)

Jack Nimble is at that stage of life, 12, where he wants to have his independence, he wants to do anything he wants, and he feels he doesn't need help from anybody, especially his older sister. Even though he is failing in school, he just wants everyone to leave him alone, and to play with his beloved dinosaurs. Jack falls asleep building his model T-Rex, and meets Nilus the Sandman. Using stolen dream dust the boy transports himself into a prehistoric world where dinosaurs rule. Despite dangers everywhere the boy stubbornly refuses all help from Nilus, who has followed him, and some friendly rodent inhabitants of the place. Events transform Jack into a T-Rex and he revels in being "King of the Universe," until a comet arrives, obscuring the sun and the pre-historic world starts to die. Trapped by his huge bulk in the path of an oncoming glacier, Jack is offered help by the tiny rodent-like creatures, the Multituberculata, but is he too proud and stubborn to accept it? The answer teaches him an important lesson about being too independent, and that getting a little help now and then isn't a bad thing. 05/08DE PI 30 min.

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