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Pets and Pet Care Series

A series of programs produced to better acquaint pet owners or potential pet owners about their pets. Programs available on 6 individual DVDs, Digital Streaming Files or Videos; also in a 6-Disc Set. For pricing call in US: 800.876.2447/Intl. 603.434.9262 or e-mail
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My Kitten: An Owner's Guide

My Kitten: An Owner's Guide

This comprehensive program takes you through all the stages to ensure your kitten grows up to become a happy, healthy and much loved addition to your family. Did you know cats have an extra sense organ, and can actually 'taste' smell? Did you know, in ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped and regarded as sacred? Did you know, in relation to their body size, cats have the largest eyes of any mammal? The cat's grace and beauty have inspired artists since ancient times. By Victorian times they became pampered pets. Recognized not just as rat catchers, but faithful loving companions. Cats come in a whole variety of sizes, coat lengths and temperaments; and there's bound to be one out there to match your lifestyle. It's important to appreciate differences in gender. Males will mark their territory by spraying, have a tendency to be involved in territorial fighting and are prone to roam, all of which can be stopped by neutering before the male reaches puberty. Females, which are left intact, can be over affectionate when in heat and will make a yowling noise to attract a mate. On the whole, males do appear to be more affectionate, while females tend to be more aloof. It all comes down to your personal preference. There are three main body types: the Cobby, the Foreign and the Muscular. The Cobby cat is short, compact and low on the legs with a broad rump and shoulders; the head is round and the tail short and thick. The Foreign cat is elegant with a long tail, slim body and slender legs; they have pricked up ears, a wedge shaped head and slanting eyes. The Muscular cat is quite robust with strong bones and a thick body on short but well proportioned legs; they have an apple shaped head, large cheeks and a broad short nose. Cats are intriguing creatures, captivating whether just sleeping in the sun or playing with a ball. They're loving and affectionate but have an independent character that guarantees them a special place in our hearts. 07/10DE Closed-Captioned IJSCA 45 min.

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