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Pets and Pet Care Series

A series of programs produced to better acquaint pet owners or potential pet owners about their pets. Programs available on 6 individual DVDs, Digital Streaming Files or Videos; also in a 6-Disc Set. For pricing call in US: 800.876.2447/Intl. 603.434.9262 or e-mail
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My Rat: An Owner's Guide

My Rat: An Owner's Guide

This comprehensive how-to takes you through all the stages to ensure your rats grow up to become happy, healthy and much loved additions to your family. Rats are inquisitive and friendly and if properly socialized by careful handling from birth, there's no reason why they won't grow up to become curious fun loving characters, happy to sit in your lap or climb up on your shoulder! Rats are nocturnal and most active at night and have an average lifespan of 2-3 years. The Rat is the first symbol of the Chinese Zodiac - a sign of cunning and prosperity. The ancient Mayan civilization used to worship the Rat, as did the ancient Egyptians. Even today, there is a temple in India devoted to rats, where hundreds of thousands scuffle around in safety and harmony with the human occupants. Did you know that a group of Rats is called a Mischief, and in these groups they take care of the sick & injured. They're very clean, and spend hours every day carefully grooming themselves and each other. Pet rats are seldom aggressive and will quickly become your best friend. They are very intelligent and great problem solvers. Rats will rapidly work out a maze or negotiate a slalom course. They are always inventive and are easy to teach tricks to. They are herd animal by nature and are happiest in groups of the same sex so it's not advisable to keep just one. If you have other animals in the house such as a cat or dog, you'll have to be very careful as they could well view your rats as a meals on legs. Likewise, rats see gerbils, birds, hamsters and mice as possible food, so never put them together. 07/10DE IJSCA 45 min.

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