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Subject: Arts: Instruction & How-to

Hands On Crafts for Kids 12: Living Things (cc)

The focus of this series is "living things." We learn about animals and plants that share our environment while creating great projects, which have been divided into the same classifications used by scientists. With animals we look to see whether or not they have a backbone; then we look at other characteristics like Click for more

2. Animals - Vertebrates: Amphibians (cc)

02. Animals - Vertebrates: Amphibians (cc)

Amphibians are our next category of animals with a backbone. They hatch from jelly covered eggs and start out their lives under water, breathing with gills. The babies look very different from adult amphibians. One example is tadpoles and adult frogs. They usually live on or near water and adults can breathe through lungs or gills. They are cold blooded which means their body temperature depends on the temperature of their environment. They have smooth skin and no scales. Some examples are frogs, toads and salamanders. Our first project is with Heather Lancaster, a hinged salamander made from foam board. Then it's time for a fun, "dancing" frog made from Styrofoam. Next, it's another type of salamander made from clay and this one is perched on your pencil! Last, it's a crazy quilt card featuring your favorite amphibian. 2010/CC Closed-Captioned PIA 30 min.

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