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Subject: Arts: Instruction & How-to

Hands On Crafts for Kids 12: Living Things (cc)

The focus of this series is "living things." We learn about animals and plants that share our environment while creating great projects, which have been divided into the same classifications used by scientists. With animals we look to see whether or not they have a backbone; then we look at other characteristics like Click for more

4. Animals - Vertebrates: Mammals (cc)

04. Animals - Vertebrates: Mammals (cc)

This program's category of animals is mammals. These are animals with a backbone. Mammals also have 4 limbs, which can be arms, legs or even flippers. We look at a broad category of mammals. Here are some facts: Female mammals have the ability to produce milk to feed their babies. Mammals have hair or fur that help them adapt to temperature changes. Almost all mammals give birth to live young instead of laying eggs. They breathe though lungs. Mammals are the most intelligent creatures on earth. They learn to adapt to many different climates and living conditions. Some mammals are tame, some are wild, some are very large and some are small. First, we create an interchangeable mammal using clay - you'd be surprised how many animals you can create from a few shapes. Next, get fuzzy with a wired dog or maybe you have another animal in mind? Then it's time for more clay. Learn how to create beads that copy the hide or fur of your favorite mammal. Last, it's a pop-up book featuring whales. 2010/CC Closed-Captioned PIA 30 min.

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