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Lost Cities of the Ancient World Series

This incredible series, filmed entirely on-location, takes you back thousands of years to visit three of the most important cities of the ancient world: Petra, Carthage, and Palmyra. Produced by William and Adi McAbian. Programs available on 3 individual DVDs, Digital Streaming Files or Videos; also in a 3-Disc Set. Click for more

Lost Cities of the Ancient World, 3 Parts (3-Disc Set)

Lost Cities of the Ancient World, 3 Parts (3-Disc Set)

A 3-Disc Set of Carthage: Pride of the Desert; Palmyra: Bride of the Desert and Petra: Jewel of the Desert is available.
Carthage: Pride of the Desert
"Recommended. A solid documentary, it paints a broad-brush coverage of the history of Carthage from its founding to French occupation up through Roman rule. Each section is preceded by a title, helpful for instructors should they choose to show only certain segments." -EMRO Review
Located a short sail from the Italian peninsula, Carthage was known throughout the ancient world as a center of commerce and a producer of world-class dyes. Founded by a Tyrian princess, and colonized by the Phoenicians, Carthage found itself in heated conflict with the mighty Roman Empire. Recent archaeological discoveries have revealed more Roman remains and ruins than any other site in the world, except for Rome itself. Scholars have learned much of Carthaginian life and its ancient human sacrifices to appease the cruel sun gods. It is a city both chilling and mysterious in its revelations.
Palmyra: Bride of the Desert
"Recommended. This excellent documentary makes a fine addition to any library collection. Here we learn that though the other two cities, Petra and Carthage, are better known, Palmyra, Syria's premiere attraction, is just as fascinating and historically significant. An ancient trading center, the city offered respite to desert caravans as far back as 2000 B.C.." -EMRO Review
Nobel even in ruin, Palmyra, is also known as the "Rome of the East." The premier attraction in Syria, Palmyra offers ancient sites, such as the Monumental Arch, the Street of Columns, the Valley of Tombs, Agora, the Hypogeum of the Tree Brothers, the Temple of Bel and other Roman ruins. In the third century A.D. the extraordinary Queen Zenobia, who conquered Roman provinces from Egypt to Asia Minor, ruled the metropolis of 30,000. Hers is one of history's thrilling stories of triumph and tragedy.
Petra: Jewel of the Desert
Petra achieved modern fame due to the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"; however, much is still being learned about this mythical place. We do know the Nabataean people, a nomadic tribe from northern Arabia, founded the city of Petra as a trading center in the third century; the fabled capital became one of the most important cities of the ancient world. In 106 A.D., Petra and all its territory became a Roman Province. By the 4th century, as trade routes were diverted away from Petra, the Nabataean civilization totally disappeared. For the next 15 centuries, the location of Petra remained unknown to the Western world until, in 1812, the Swiss explorer, Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, discovered the "Jewel in the Desert" near Wadi Musa, Jordan. This documentary looks at the history and the myths of this mysterious place; here we see the famous facade of Khazneh, or what is called the Treasury, but was actually a tomb; the amphitheater, the Royal Tombs, the Temple of the Winged Lions, and the Monastery. 02/08DE SCA 156 min.

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