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Animated World of Sheila Graber Series

Sheila Graber: Best Digital Designer Award and Lifetime Achievement Award -The Royal Television Society
"Hightly Recommended. This ageless series' superb blend of animation and music makes history come alive." -CITC Review
Sheila Graber is one of the Click for more

Animated World of Sheila Graber Series, Parts 1 - 4

Animated World of Sheila Graber Series, Parts 1 - 4

A combined version of 1. History of Art Animated; 2. History of Artists Animated; 3. Music and Dance Animated and 4. History of Transportation and Time Animated, featuring the animation of Sheila Graber, is available.
1. History of Art Animated
Two visual surveys of art history. One reveals primitive symbols to the modern art of the 20th century; another displays the subtle changes in line and form since the first images found in ancient Egypt.
2. History of Artists Animated
"Leonardo da Vinci" magnificently brings the master's sketchbooks alive in all their inventiveness and beauty; then "Mondrian" portrays the genius of this artist, pushing color and form beyond tradition.
3. History of Music and Dance Animated
From the ribald fun of Gaelic music making to a vintage Halloween celebration of Saint-Saens', Danse Macabre, these vignettes imaginatively animate three musical classics.
4. History of Transportation and Time Animated
A dexterous representation of the history of transportation, from running to rockets; then a conception of all possible ways to measure time, from moon calendars to digital watches. 99/10DE PIJSCA 85 min.

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