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Subject: Phys. Ed.: Instruction & Fitness

Edwards Classic Sports Films Collection

Harvey Edwards would be correctly described as a filmmaking raconteur: his documentaries over the years have won countless awards for their excellence; this is especially true in the world of outdoor sports. This is a classic collection of Edwards' award-winning sports' programs, some designed to instruct others Click for more

Bicycling 2 & 3

Bicycling 2 & 3: Bicycle Dancin'; Bicycle Racing

A combined version of Bicycling 2: Bicycle Dancin' and Bicycling 3: Bicycle Racing USA is available.
Bicycling 2: Bicycle Dancin'
CINE Golden Eagle Award
BMX bicycle "free styling" started in San Diego, California, in 1976. Since then it has grown into a popular summer spectator sport throughout the United States and Europe. Touring professionals participate in as many as 20 competitions or exhibitions per month during the free styling season. In this classic award-winning program producer Harvey Edwards captures the grace and skill of BMX free style bike riding. He combines spectacular footage of actual free style events with informative interviews of touring professionals, providing the viewer with the ideal mix of instruction and performance. The viewer comes away from this program with a clearer understanding of the technical aspects of this sport, having learned the differences between "foot plants and releases, aerials and ground tricks, and half pipes and kick turn ramps." Edwards delights us with the inventiveness and daring of the professional BMX free stylers, and with their masterful juxtapositions of athletic skill and creativity, balance and concentration, "flash" and "punch," and grace and courage. The viewer sees how the professional riders turn basic maneuvers such as "one handlers, one footers, full cross-ups, and look backs" into a dynamic, exhilarating, and harmonious display of "body and mind over bike," most assuredly a bicycle ballet.
Bicycling 3: Bicycle Racing USA
CINE Golden Eagle Award
Bicycle racing has been rapidly gaining popularity in the U.S., particularly as more American athletes establish reputations as world-class racers. Teamwork, conditioning, and technology combine to make this demanding sport an attraction for millions of athletes and enthusiasts across the U.S. This classic award-winning program shows the wide range of bicycle racing formats in the U.S., including circuit races, stage races, and marathons for touring bikes; cross country treks for mountain bikes; match sprints, high speed points races, and pursuit races for arena sprint bikes; and dirt track motos for BMXers. The viewer is introduced to racing styles, techniques, and tactics, such as "lead outs, blocking, drafting, and standstills." The program includes actual footage from several U.S. races, including the prestigious Coors' International Bicycling Championship in Denver, Colorado, where racers compete on a grueling 83-mile mountain course, achieving speeds as high as 60 miles per hour. The program demonstrates the agility, courage, perseverance, stamina, and competitive spirit found among all bicycle racers, regardless of the racing format. 95/12DE IJSCA 45 min.

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