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Great Directors' Classics Collection

This is a special collection of 5 digitally re-mastered classics, featuring four mysteries directed by Alfred Hitchcock and one by Orson Welles. Programs available on 5 individual DVDs, Digital Streaming Files or Videos; also in a 5-Disc Set. For pricing call in US: 800.876.2447/Intl. 603.434.9262 or Click for more

Great Directors' Classics Collection, 5 Parts (5-Disc Set)

Great Directors' Classics Collection, 5 Parts

A 4-Disc Set of the Great Directors' Classics Collection: Blackmail; The Man Who Knew Too Much; Sabotage;Secret Agent and The Stranger is available.
Famous for being Britain's, and Alfred Hitchcock's, first "talkie," this digitally re-mastered classic is noted for its innovative use of sound; it is a psychological thriller that confirmed Sir Alfred as one of England's great directors. Adapted from the stage play by Charles Bennett, it stars Anny Ondra, as Alice White, John Longden, as detective Frank Webber, and Donald Calthrop, as the blackmailer, Tracy. Because of her German accent, Ondra's voice had to be dubbed over by Joan Barry. In the story Alice kills a man with a knife in self-defense, who attempted to sexually assault her. Webber tries to cover up the incident; not realizing she was spotted leaving the scene by Tracey, who tries to blackmail her. Worth noting is the use of the word "knife" in the now legendary breakfast scene; also Hitchcock appears as a man on the subway.
The Man Who Knew Too Much
Starring Leslie Banks, as Bob Lawrence, Edna Best, as his wife Jill, and in his British debut, Peter Lorre, as the character villain, Abbott, this digitally re-mastered classic is a milestone in Alfred Hitchcock's early career as a director. In the film the Lawrences, while on holiday in Switzerland, witness the murder of a spy, who gives them a clue to an assassination plot before he dies; then they discover that their daughter Betty has been kidnapped. Concerned for the girl's safety, Bob and Jill attempt to track down the criminals themselves. In London the suspense builds as the couple are plunged into the unfamiliar world espionage, filled with deceit and danger.
This digitally re-mastered classic is based on Joseph Conrad's "The Secret Agent," not to be confused with the other Hitchcock movie of the same name. It stars Sylvia Sidney, as Mrs. Verloc, and Oskar Homolka, as her German husband, Karl Anton Verloc, the owner of the Bijou Cinema; also John Loder is Det. Sgt. Ted Spencer and Desmond Tester is Steve Verloc, Mrs. Verloc's brother. In this tragic thriller, Mrs. Verloc doesn't realize that her husband is a saboteur; though Det. Sgt. Spencer has him under surveillance. The terror of innocents being killed by a cold-blooded bomber remains an important message in this film, especially given today's concerns with terrorists.
Secret Agent
This digitally re-mastered classic is based on the novel "Ashenden" by W. Somerset Maugham and stars Madeleine Carroll, as Elsa, Peter Lorre, as the General, John Gielgud, as Richard Ashenden and Brodie; also Robert Young, as Robert Marvin, and Lilli Palmer, as Lilli. In the film, during WW I, a novelist and soldier named Brodie has supposedly been killed, but this is part of the Secret Service's plan to allow him to change his name to Ashenden to pursue a German spy in Switzerland, teaming up with his "fake" wife, Elsa, and the General. Suspense builds as the wrong person is killed and the three chase the real spy on a train.
The Stranger
"Academy Award Nominee: Best Screenplay" This digitally re-mastered classic stars Edward G. Robinson, as Mr. Wilson, Loretta Young, as Mary Longstreet, and Orson Welles, as Dr. Charles Rankin and Franz Kindler. In this film-noir Mr. Wilson is a Nazi hunter on the trail of Kindler, who is hiding undercover as a school teacher in the fictitious New England town of Harper, CT, and is married to the lovely, but naive, headmaster's daughter, Mary. As Wilson and Kindler play their inevitable game of cat and mouse, the suspense builds to a thrilling conclusion. 29-46/10DE JSCA 352 min.

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