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Underwater World for Kids Series

Oceans are incredible and incredibly important! They cover 71% of the Earth's surface and contain 97% of our planet's water; they play a vital role in climate and weather; they are key to transportation and recreation, and they certainly may hold cures to many diseases, especially since more than 95% of the underwater Click for more

Episode 8: Sea Creatures at Night, Great White Sharks, USS Macon

Episode  8: Sea Creatures, Great White, USS Macon

This episode explores the wonderful array of smaller sea creatures that emerge at night. The dive explores Slugs, Sea Cucumbers, Juvenile Cuttles and many other interesting fish. The Great White Shark is perhaps the most feared animal in the sea; so we travel to Neptune Island, off the South Australian Coast, to watch divers enclosed in cages attract sharks in the depths of the water. The clear blue waters of the island offer divers fantastic photographic opportunities and a close-up look at the ultimate ocean predator. The famous airship USS Macon was lost in 1935 offshore of Point Sur, California; the underwater discovery of the airship occurred in June of 1990; the wreckage creates opportunity to study the relatively undisturbed archaeological remnants of a unique period of U.S. aviation history. Lastly, respect for sharks is the topic covered in this PADI Seal segment. 2013 IJS 30 min.

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