In Season 1, a paranormal investigator loses his ghost hunting team to what he claims was a "demonic possession" and hires the "Wrestling With Ghosts" team, headed by Funkmaster V (aka Vinnie Vineyard), Big Luke Walker, and Travis Graves, three fun and funky professional wrestlers, to protect him in his ghostly investigations. Eventually, the WWG team takes over the investigations applying their unique technique for generating paranormal evidence, which they call "The Charge," by inviting spirits to "come play" with them. In Season 2, the "Wrestling With Ghosts" team expands on what they have learned by incorporating more technology and getting help from international teams and paranormal friends as they investigate America's little-known haunts. In Season 3, Rock N Roller and spiritual empath, Kandi Thompson, joins the WWG team to investigate paranormal activity throughout the country, including Native American legends and Cryptids (i.e. Bigfoot).

20 x 44 minutes / HD

Produced by Big N Funky Productions.


Episode 1: I Used to Be a Cop

WWG investigates the Greenbriar Restaurant and the Sensabaugh Tunnel.

Episode 2: Chiroptera Surgit

The WWG team checks out the Elkmont Ghost Town in North Carolina.

Episode 3: Wee-Ji Want the Funk

The WWG team runs into the unexplained at MerryDeath Antiques in LaFollette, TN.

Episode 4: Going Postal

Things go "postal" as the WWG team visits the Old LaFollette Post Office.

Episode 5: The Giant That Saved Gatlinburg

WWG investigates their base of operations in Gatlinburg, TN.

Episode 6: The Rabbitman Cometh

The WWG team visits one of the most frightening places in America's southeast.

Episode 7: The Furry Without a Fur Suit

A cornucopia of paranormal phenomena at the House of Gore in Bristol, VA.

Episode 8: The Postman Always Screams Twice

The WWG team returns to the location of their first poltergeist encounter.


Episode 1: Drag Me to Jail

The WWG team visits a famous jail often called "The Worst Place on Earth."

Episode 2: One Fish, Boo Fish

The WWG team investigates an abandoned amusement park and Grave Island.

Episode 3: They Died With Their Boos On

Visiting a church torn apart by the Civil War, the WWG team captures sensational evidence.

Episode 4: Be Ghoul to Your Schuel

The WWG team investigates Middletown, OH's, Poasttown Elementary School.

Episode 5: Darkside of the Moonshine

The WWG team checks out the Sevier Distilling Company in Sevierville, Tennessee.

Episode 6: Hale-Raiser

Big Luke and Funkmaster V visit the most haunted dam in the world: Hales Bar Dam.


Episode 1: Spearfinger

The WWG team travels to North Carolina to research reports of the return of the legendary, Spearfinger.

Episode 2: Indian Cave

The WWG team investigates a remote cave that once was the site of a ghastly murder.

Episode 3: The Horsefly Chronicles

The WWG team travels to Easton, PA, to one of the country's most notorious residential hauntings.

Episode 4: The Greenback Castle

The WWG team visits the Greenback Castle, aka "The Fortress of Faith," handmade by Floyd Banks, Jr.

Episode 5: Bigfoot

One of the WWG team's wrestling friends seeks their assistance in his pursuit of Bigfoot.

Episode 6: LaFollette, Tennessee

The WWG team visits LaFollette, TN, a town encumbered with heavy paranormal presences.