Animal Anthology

Welcome to wonderful world of animals. From pets to the wildest beasts, from land animals to marine animals, featuring over 250 animals from all around the word, this series offers a look at rare and unique creatures, as well as addressing the affects the world's changing environment is having on the animal kingdom.

26 x 30 minutes / 2016 / UHDF - Upconverted HD Format

    1. Great Barrier Reef; Ants; Ox; Cats; Whales; Tigers; Mini Horses; Flamingos
    2. Geese; UK Penguin; Bull; Monkey Helpers; Snake Man; Elephants;
      Dog Gym
    3. Monkey; Giant Squid; Pony; Gorillas; Scorpions; Snow Leopard
    4. Dogs; Bear; Donkeys; Turtles; White Tiger; Orangutan; Pig; Hippo
    5. Alligators; Prehistoric Elephant; Sheep; Koalas; Mice; Cicadas; Frog
    6. Super Croc: Horses; Pandas; Camels; Kittens; Cheetah; Sea Turtles
    7. Ducks; Giraffe; Smallest Dog; Seeing Eye Dog; Temple Cats; Eagle
    8. Lions; Manatee; Python; Leopards; Foot & Mouth Disease
    9. Mules; Albino Crow; Climbing Dog; Goat Derby; Malaysian Fish
    10. Pigs; Snakes & Mice; Flying Foxes; Giant Goldfish; Tigers
    11. Emu Oil; Camels; Sharks; Dolphins; Horse & Sled; Bear Refuge
    12. Kennels; Disabled Dogs; Snake Charmer; Pet Detective; Sika Deer
    13. Animal Acupuncture; Giraffe Manicure; Stallions; Turkey Turtles
    1. Black Rhino; Polar Bears; Pudu Deer; Hawks & Pigeons; Storks; Swans
    2. Snakes; Rare Seal; Crocodile; Ancient Fish; Burro Festival; Ostrich
    3. Swimming Cat; Walrus; Smart Dog; Shark; Okapi; Stray Dogs; Cama
    4. Butterflies; Parrot Day; Whaling Ship; Caterpillars; Lion Rehab; Cobras
    5. Fox; Thailand Monkeys; Reptile Meet; Baby Tapir; Seals
    6. Llama; Coelacanth; Italian Dogs; Puppy; Gorilla Census; Lynx; Octopus
    7. Lemurs; Monkeys; Serval; Antelope; Belgian Bear; Rhinos; Chimpanzees
    8. Baby Giraffe; Thai Cats; Dogs; Alzheimer's Dog; Crocodile Conservation
    9. Peru Tiger; Horse Clone; Cobras; Kangaroos; Pet Hotel; Dog Collar; Lions
    10. Rare Turtle; Sharks; Condors; Whale Sonar; Water Buffalo; Raccoons;
      UK Pigeon
    11. Sumatran Tiger; Baby Elephants; Wild Horses; Saving the Bumblebee
    12. Otters; Oldest Tortoise; Stripeless Zebra; Ostrich Chicks; Mini Leopard; Cows.
    13. Whale Sharks; UK Gorilla; Piglets; Dancing Bear; Elephant Abuse; Penguins

Produced by Switch International.