The Big Planet

This series introduces us to interesting people, places, inventions and animals from around the world.

26 x 30 minutes / UHDF - Upconverted HD Format

    1. Sword Town; Roller Coaster; Electric Car; Underwater Phone;
      Robot Expo; Horse Sled Racing.
    2. Water Festival; Hula Hoop; Outback Hollywood; Inflatable Speakers; Chess Protégé; Baby Pigs.
    3. Ice Sculptures; Gamelan; Egyptian Temples; Domes; Lion Babies.
    4. Satellite Phone; Disney; Giant Goldfish; Wooden Bikes; Inventor's Fair; Animal Christmas.
    5. Schumacher Karts; Para Glider; Traffic Control; Tractor Truck;
      Chocolate Stamps.
    6. Teddy Bear Auction; Toy Train; Cream Competition; Shoe Artist;
      Camel Fair.
    7. Sumo Women; Snow Boots; Ice Carvings; Rock Garden; Tiger Cub.
    8. Barbie; Locomotive; Fossil Fish; Elephants; Pet Blessing; Visual Phone.
    9. Baby Whales; Polar Bears; Amateur Rocket; Open-Air Theatre; Condors; Dinosaurs.
    10. Cats; Coral; Ballet; Toys; Polar Expedition; Monkeys.
    11. Dressed to Ride; Love Letters; Juggling; Micro Flat; Water Birds.
    12. Bridge; Technology Bus; Game Show; Chinese New Year's;
      Sumatran Rhino.
    13. Toy Fair; Underwater Wedding; Water Tasting; Scent of the Forest;
      Dog Show.
    1. Swimming Cat; Chocolates; Men's Ballet; Lord of the Rings;
      Underwater Christmas.
    2. Polar Bears; Jelly Fish; Eco Resort; Solar Challenge; Kite Surfing; Turtles.
    3. Hippos; Skiing; Tombs; Baby Names; Snowboarding; Huskies; Chihuahua.
    4. Dog Kennels; Snow Burgers; Polar Swim; Virtual Dentist; Pet Dentist; Turkey Callers.
    5. Park Sculptures; Harleys; Website for the Blind; Floating Tree;
      Floating Tree; Whales.
    6. Cuba; Ballerina; Iris Scanning; Genius Convention; Peking Opera; Leopard.
    7. Flying Foxes; Surfing; Sharks; Butler School; Faberge Egg;
      Money Jewelry; Cama.
    8. Insect Eating; Puppet Festival; Mummy Scanning; Arctic Games; Hair Art; Elephants.
    9. Shipwreck; New Insect; World's Largest Abacus; 2-Million Mile Car;
      Giant Octopus.
    10. Water Festival; Satellites; Space Center; Container Classroom;
      Yoga for Kids; Lioness.
    11. Replica Ship; Song Festival; Tightrope; Ball Juggling; Twin Bears; Mummies; Ferrets.
    12. Blaine; Harrods Family; e-book; Girl Artist; Burro Festival; Reptiles.
    13. Junior Soccer Match; Laser Show; Giraffe; Bronze Age Discovery;
      Luxor Statures; Snakes.

Produced by Switch International.