Crime, Inc.

Crimes of terrorism, assassinations, genocide, kidnapping, robbery; crimes that involve celebrities or well-known gangsters. History is filled with fascinating and intriguing stories of crime; this series presents 65 of the most memorable.

13 x 30 minutes / 2015 / UHDF - Upconverted HD Format

  1. Ronald Reagan; Bonnie & Clyde; Martha Stewart; Sophia Loren
  2. Yorkshire Ripper; George Harrison; Heaven's Gate; Fatty Arbuckle
  3. Watergate; OJ Simpson; Sarah Thornton; Jack the Ripper
  4. Phil Spector; Beirut Bombings; Lil' Kim; Thomas Ince
  5. Lindbergh Kidnapping; Boy George; JFK; Snoop Dogg; Lizzie Borden
  6. Great Train Robbery; Christian Slater; Tiananmen Square; Al Capone
  7. Black Dahlia; Oklahoma Bombing; Black September; Naomi Campbell
  8. Richard III; September 11, 2001; U-2 Spy Plane; Cricket Coach
  9. Roman Polanski; Srebrenica Massacre; Ronnie Biggs; Russell Crowe
  10. Bhopal; Gary Glitter; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Wife's Revenge
  11. Laura Helmsley; Computer Hacker; Ted Bundy; Courtney Love
  12. Notorious Nanny; House of Horrors; Crime Fighters; Art Heist
  13. Drug Smuggling; Mike Tyson; Iran Hostage Crisis; The Kennedys

Produced by Switch International.