Eco Adventures
in Latin America

This series presents exciting Eco-adventure trips in South America and the Caribbean.

13 x 30 minutes / 2015DR
13 x 30 minutes / 2015DR / Spanish

  • Andes' Adventure: Rafting Fever
  • Angel Falls (The Great Falls)
  • Autana: The Magical Mountain
  • Diving in Cozumel, Grand Cayman and the Bahamas
  • Feathered Fantasy: A Birdwatcher's Mecca
  • Kayaking the Delta
  • Los Roques 1: Diving in the Caribbean
  • Los Roques 2: The Blue Paradise
  • The Orinoco Delta: The Flow of the Tides
  • Para Falls and the Caura Reserve
  • Six Latin American Eco Adventures
  • The Soul of the Llanos
  • Venezuela: An Eco Adventurer's Paradise

Produced by Ferraro Nature Films, Inc.