The Genie From Down Under

Banff Television Festival Nominee
Australian Film Institute Awards Nominee
Germany's Prix Jeunesse Awards Nominee
Cairo Intl. Film Festival for Children Nominee

When upper-class English girl, Penelope (Alexandra Milman), finds a magic opal containing two Australian genies, Bruce (Rhys Muldoon), and his son, Baz (Glenn Meldrum), she thinks all her problems are over. But, Bruce has other ideas. He and Baz trick Penelope into wishing her family to Australia at every opportunity. Penelope hates Australia and is constantly trying to get back to England. It's a comedic battle of wills and a clash of cultures, as Penelope learns that there is a difference between power and wisdom.

13 x 30 minutes / UHDF - Upconverted HD Format

    • Episode 1: Wishing and Hoping
    • Episode 2: It's My Opal
    • Episode 3: Where it's at
    • Episode 4: Good Cop, Bad Genie
    • Episode 5: Customs
    • Episode 6: Larceny
    • Episode 7: The Eternal Quadrangle
    • Episode 8: Nobody's Perfect
    • Episode 9: The Triple Agent
    • Episode 10: A Tale of Two Cities
    • Episode 11: School Daze
    • Episode 12: Triple Treat
    • Episode 13: It's still Magic

SEASON 2 The pair of Genies, Bruce (Sandy Winton) and Baz (Glenn Meldrum), are prepared to raise more havoc in Season 2 of this popular series, but their schemes for freedom don't go as planned. Bruce wants to win the heart and hand of Lady Diana Townes (Anna Galvin), Penelope's (Alexandra Milman) mother; however, Otto von Meister believes the opal is rightfully his, resulting is all sorts of disastrous and hilarious consequences. Will true love win in the end?

12 x 30 minutes / UHDF - Upconverted HD Format

    • Episode 1: I Do. You Do! Who Do?
    • Episode 2: The Photo Opportunity
    • Episode 3: The Cold Shoulder
    • Episode 4: Chasing the Sun
    • Episode 5: Peace In Our Time
    • Episode 6: Lord of the Nail Files
    • Episode 7: Baby Talk
    • Episode 8: My Better Half
    • Episode 9: Stocks and Bondings
    • Episode 10: The Opal is a Boomerang
    • Episode 11: The Heart of Country and Western
    • Episode 12: Otto Rules Ok
    • Episode 13: The Last Wish

Produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation and The BBC.