Geo Junior:
Cultural Awareness

This series takes children and teens around the world to discover exciting and interesting animals, people and places from every corner of the globe.

13 x 30 minutes / UHDF - Upconverted HD Format

  1. Pet Hotel; Gliders; Stamps; Mall Bungee; Mower Race.
  2. Festivals; Danish Ships; Santa Convention; Sandcastles.
  3. Palaces & Castles; Elephants, Dogs; Puppets; Rhinos.
  4. Dogs; Seals; Skydiving; Subway; Boot Camp.
  5. Ballet; Madame Tussards; Water Buffalo; Pet Detective.
  6. Skydiving Child; Miniature Trains; Beard Festival; Pandas.
  7. Robots; Watermelons; Disney Sea; Posters; Bears.
  8. Drum Festival; UK's Big Ben; Making Chocolate.
  9. Medieval Wedding; Lanterns; Wood Carver; Karaoke.
  10. Granary; Airbus; Largest US Flag; Piano Protégé.
  11. Lantern Festival; Sharks; Races; Mooncakes.
  12. Super Cars; Baby Gorilla; Turtles; Goat Derby.
  13. Super Croc; Mountain Bikes; Water Balloons.

Produced by Switch International.