The Girl From Tomorrow

Finalist Award -New York Film & TV Festival

Alana (Katharine Cullen), a 13-year-old girl from the year 3000, is thrown back in time to our "strange and primitive" modern-day world when a time-travel experiment goes wrong. Silverthorn (John Howard II), a fugitive warlord thrown back in time with Alana, steals the time capsule, which is Alana’s only hope of returning home. Alana, with the help of only her personal wrist computer P.J. and her new friends Jenny (Melissa Marshall) and Petey (James Findlay), must battle Silverthorn for control of the capsule or be stranded forever - a thousand years from home.

12 x 30 minutes / UHDF - Upconverted HD Format

    • Episode 1: Future Shock
    • Episode 2: A Primitive and Dangerous Time
    • Episode 3: Sanctuary
    • Episode 4: Sweetness and Fright
    • Episode 5: Don't Tell Mum
    • Episode 6: Computer Games
    • Episode 7: Stake-Out
    • Episode 8: Newsprobe
    • Episode 9: Truth and Lies
    • Episode 10: Betrayed
    • Episode 11: Captain Zero Strikes Again
    • Episode 12: Last Stand at Kelly Deli

When Alana’s (Katharine Cullen) friend, Jenny (Melissa Marshall), is injured in a battle with the evil Silverthorn (John Howard II), Alana takes her to the future to be healed. However, they discover that time-travel experiments being conducted by scientists from the year 3000 are changing history. They return to the year 2500 needing to find out what Silverthorn did to change history; they must prevent him destroying the world.

12 x 30 minutes / UHDF - Upconverted HD Format

    • Episode 1: A Time Without Vegemite
    • Episode 2: The End of Everything
    • Episode 3: The Other Alana
    • Episode 4: The Time Gate
    • Episode 5: Sucked Into the Future
    • Episode 6: The Grandmother of Invention
    • Episode 7: Escape From Globecorp
    • Episode 8: A Chase Through Time
    • Episode 9: Showdown at 'Eddie's Pools
    • Episode 10: In the Nik of Time
    • Episode 11: The Great Disaster Begins
    • Episode 12: Kings of the Dinosaurs

Produced by the Film Australia.