A collection of programs that document great stories in a variety
of sports.

16 x 30 minutes or 8 x 60 minutes or 12 x 30 - 60 minutes

    • The Great Bike Ride Across America
      This classic program documents when 308 Iowans attempted to bicycle 4,000 miles across the United States to celebrate their state's 150 Anniversary.

      1 x 60 minutes

      Produced by Crescenti Moon Productions.

    • Unknown: The Jackie Beard Story
      The story of amateur boxer Jackie Beard, who lost his chance to win an Olympic Gold Medal due to the US decision to boycott the 1980 Summer Olympics. Featured are exclusive interviews with Peter Ueberroth, Dwight Stones, and Emanuel Steward.

      1 x 30 minutes / HD

      Produced by William Fain Productions.

    • Hot Air Ballooning Stories
      Two classic, award-winning documentaries capture the thrill and spectacle of hot-air ballooning.
    • Balcony in the Sky - 30 min.
    • Ride the Winds - 30 min.
    1. Mountain Climbing Stories
      Historic documentaries capture the exhilaration and adventure, along with the risks and dangers, of professional mountain climbing.
    2. An Exclusive Conversation with Sir Edmund Hillary - 30 min.
    3. Free Climb (Narrated by Robert Redford) - 30 min.
    4. No Mean Feat: The Mark Inglis Story - 60 min.
    5. Mt. Aconcagua: The Stone Sentinel - 30 min.
    6. Mt. Elbrus: Mountain with 1,000 Mountains Inside It - 30 min.
    7. Mt. McKinley: Denali - The Great One - 30 min.