Infamous Places

This series presents compelling snapshots of places around the world made famous by huge events, imprinted in time through mystery, scandal and intrigue.

10 x 30-minutes / 2017

  1. Dealey Plaza; Place De L’alma; Berlin Wall; Graceland; Suez Canal; Hiroshima
  2. Pearl Harbor; Chernobyl; New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina);
    The Twin Towers
  3. Asian Tsunami; Mt. St. Helens; Memphis (MLK, Jr.); Watts Riots;
    Bikini Atoll
  4. O.J. Simpson Trial; Lockerbie, Scotland; Tower of London;
    Cuban Missile Crisis
  5. Baghdad Coup; Congo Uprising; The Killing Fields; Hitler’s Mind;
    Loch Ness
  6. Gettysburg; Galloping Gertie Bridge; Tenerife (747s Crash);
    Mount Everest
  7. Bhopal; USS Cole; Watergate; Heaven's Gate;
    Beirut Airport Marine Barracks
  8. Oklahoma City Bombing; Bay of Pigs; US Embassy, Iran;
    Tiananmen Square
  9. Falklands; Battle of Stalingrad; Ambassador Hotel (RFK Death);
    U2 Spy Plane
  10. Concorde Crash; Marilyn Monroe; Taiwan Earthquake; Apollo 1 Tragedy

Produced by Switch International.