“High Noon” is considered one of the all-time best American Westerns ever made; the winner of 4 Academy Awards, it brought Gary Cooper his second Oscar and catapulted the acting career of Grace Kelly. However, despite its success, controversy followed the film after its release in 1952 as America was in the midst of its second Red Scare and its involvement in the Korean War. Narrated by Frank Langella, this candid documentary offers a uniquely personal, behind-the-scenes’ look at “High Noon,” which features interviews with Tim Zinneman, the son of the film’s director, Fred Zinneman; Jonathan Foreman, the son of screenwriter and co-producer, Carl Foreman, who was blacklisted after the film’s release; Maria Cooper, Gary Cooper’s daughter; and Crown Prince Albert of Monaco, Grace Kelly’s son.

2 programs: 1 x 30 minutes; 1 x 60 minutes

Written & Directed by John Mulholland.
Produced by Richard Zampella and Shanndon Mulholland.
Narrated by Frank Langella.