Kids at Kerrisdale

This series present 21 possible solutions to 21 true-to-life problems that continue to challenge today's 21st century teens.

21 x 30 minutes

  1. The Zone (Advertising and Alcohol)
  2. The Rave (Adolescents and Alcohol)
  3. Smokescreen (The Hazards of Smoking)
  4. Smoke and Mirrors (Smoking and Advertising)
  5. Slave Day (More to Life Than Drugs)
  6. Pitfalls (Smoking, Drugs & Safety)
  7. Nothing Up My Sleeve (Media Literacy)
  8. Eyes From the Sky (How Technology Affects Us)
  9. Balancing Act (Balance and Smart Eating)
  10. Not So Fast (Balance, Understanding, and Conservation)
  11. Sticky Situations (Safety in the Workplace)
  12. Showdown at Devil's Dip (Safety and Peer Pressure)
  13. Multiple Choices (Conflict Resolution and Anger Management)
  14. Quibbling Rivalry (Conflict Resolution and Work Safety)
  15. Two Worlds (Culturally Based Conflict Resolution)
  16. Alien (ESL and Understanding) Differences)
  17. Coming Home (A Child's Rights to Protection)
  18. Family and Friends (Two Views on Children's Rights)
  19. Kelly's Story (Child's Rights and Sexual Abuse)
  20. Happy Campers (Energy Use and Safety)
  21. The Haunted Cottage (Safety and Energy Conservation)

Produced by the Knowledge Network/Open Learning Agency.