Legacy of the Silver Shadow

Winner - Certificate of Merit -Chicago Intl. Film Festival
Honorable Mention -The Chris Awards

Josh (Alex Hopkins), Alex (Hannah Greenwood), Campbell (Alin Abella) and Gretel (Sage Butler) are a group of students thrown together as modern-day crime-fighters, when they discover the underground headquarters of the Silver Shadow (Tayler Kane), a long-forgotten superhero. They uncover a digital recording of the Silver Shadow in an old computer and are introduced to his hidden secrets. Meanwhile, the superhero's arch-enemy, The Crab (Ronald Faulk), has recruited his granddaughter, Fiona (Eloise Mignon), to reclaim his evil family business. It will be up to the young superheroes to face and defeat this new mastermind.

13 x 30 minutes / UHDF - Upconverted HD Format

  • Episode 1: Tomorrow, the World
  • Episode 2: The Feral Element
  • Episode 3: Round One
  • Episode 4: Ticket to Ride
  • Episode 5: Man of Steel
  • Episode 6: New Girl
  • Episode 7: Stephanie Tate
  • Episode 8: But We've Only Got 53 Tunnels
  • Episode 9: Teenage Sidekicks
  • Episode 10: Kings of the World
  • Episode 11: No Such Thing
  • Episode 12: Fire in the Hole
  • Episode 13: Frankenscience

Produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation.