Living Green

Reducing our environmental impact on the world is a major priority. This important collection of eco-friendly tips showing us ways to live a more sustainable life - leaving a smaller environmental footprint - one minute at a time!

4 x 30 minutes or 176 x 1 minute / 2017

    • Eco tips: Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle; Saving Energy; Saving Water; Building a Greener Future; Environmental Tips; Food & the Environment; Wind Farm; Electric City 2030; Greening Las Vegas; Solar Power Ferries; Carbon Neutral House; Solar Installation; Tidal Energy; Energy Renovation; Flex-Ethanol; Electric Vehicle; Water Technology; Velux House; Natural Gas; Supercomputer; Energy Farm; Solar Energy; Methane Fueled Car; Wind Energy.
    • Eco tips: Global Solar; Water Technology; Future Fuel; War on Waste; Environmental Farming; Green Speedboat; Marine Environment; Eco Fair; Friendly Furniture; Trees; Sustainable Village Living; Amazon Products; Greenhouse Barge; Recycling Clothes; E-Waste; Alternative Fuels; Organic Agriculture; Recycling Packaging Waste; Automatic Water Systems; Biomass Power; Plasma Fusion Technology; Eco Suburb; Eco Island; Electric Bikes; Bio Research; Organic Foods.
    • Eco tips: Green University; Bio Diesel Train; Eco-Friendly Packaging; Green Olympics; Green Design; Green Buses; Recycling Batteries; Coal Scheme; Recycle Mobile Phones; Geo Thermal Power; Recycling Waste; Clean Water in Africa; Green Roofs; Eco-Friendly Toys; Water Saving; Eco Tire; Smart Meters; Hydro Clusters; Conservation Programs; Bio-Fuel; Safeguarding the Environment; Water Conservation; Green Gifts.
    • Eco tips: Green Boats; Green Building; House of the Future; Eco Fur; Carbon Negative House; Eco-Friendly Cement; Eco-Friendly Farm; Green Economy; Windmills; Gardens for Wildlife; Eco-Friendly Fashion; Eco-Friendly Toilet; Green Shop; Recycled Building; Eco Architect; Green Eco Living; Eco Resort; Land Restoration; Columbia Forest; Marine Conservation; Desertification; Cleaning Up Waste; Eco-Tourism; Eco Bus; Coconut Fuel; Sustainable Living; Eco Aircraft; Eco Design.

Produced by Switch International.